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Hardly any item, no regardless of how much money it costs or how well it is catered for, is flawless. You may be in the fortunate position of never having an issue with something you’ve bought, or you could have one or many difficulties at any one moment. It all depends on the situation. Metal roofers are  no exception. While there are many factors that influence the potential for problems with a metal roofing system, occasionally things happen that are out of our control. Which is why it is important to hire the proper people when it comes to installing metal roofs. Here are some issues you could encounter if the metal roofs are not properly installed.


Let’s face it: no one likes a dripping roof. In most circumstances, a leak can harm other expensive objects in your home or property, in addition to costing you more money to restore the roof. Metal roof leaks can happen for a variety of reasons, some of which are beyond our control and others which are caused by human mistake. The following are some examples of triggering events or factors that might result in a leaky roof:

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  • Failed fasteners — Water can enter at open locations because the screws are either too tight, too loose, or off-centre.
  • Failed seam – The installer may have constructed or seamed the seam, or side rib, where two panels are linked incorrectly.
  • Failed flashing – Flashing is the material, usually metal, that is put to a roof to keep moisture out of joints or extensions like pipes, chimneys, and valleys. Flashing points might easily be the origin of a leak because they are add-ons that require sealants and proper installation. In fact, when a standing seam metal roof leaks, it typically occurs in a flashing location.
  • Failure of a sealant or butyl tape – Sealants and butyl tape are used to keep water, dirt, and other debris out of metal roofs. Leaks may occur if they are broken, missing, or applied improperly.
  • Inadequate specifics — Inquire about the details a contractor wants to employ throughout your metal roof installation. Do these correspond to the manufacturer’s specifications? If their installation details aren’t up to snuff for a manufacturer’s weather-tight warranty, they’re not up to snuff for your house or structure. Early on in the process, be involved and make sure your installer uses the manufacturer’s information.

Scratching & Scuffing

Metal roofing, like everything else with a paint system, is susceptible to scratching and scuffing at any time during its lifespan. Most metal coil makers take special precautions to guarantee that the coil is not damaged during the splitting, recoiling, or transportation to the consumer. During the roll-making and installation process, most contractors and installers normally handle coils and panels with care. However, it is always possible that one or more of these parties will handle the metal incorrectly, resulting in surface damage. Choose and work with a respected contractor with a proven track record of high-quality installations to assist lessen the probability of problems.

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