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SAP data migration Malaysia

Data migration might sound unfamiliar to some of you. But for those who are in the industry related, you might have a gist of the meaning and purpose. SAP data migration Malaysia is the best company that offers you this service if you are looking for one. If you somehow encountered this post, you might want to read it until the end. Let’s think of it as new knowledge for you. We will learn a lot, from the meaning to the types and functions. So, let’s get started, shall we?

What Is Data Migration?

This is probably the first question that would pop out on your mind. What does data migration really mean? If you think of the term, you probably would get a hint of the meaning. Data migration is actually a process where data is relocated from one location to a new one and from a format to a new one and so on. In simpler words, it means a process of data relocation from one system to another. Businesses would utilise data migration with help from cloud-based storage in order to improve their business efficiency. The processes are known to be quite complicated but the importance it holds is beneficial to these business owners. 

Why Do You Need Data Migration?

SAP data migration Malaysia

Only if you have a company or business, you will need this because you are handling something that requires to be managed. The data and everything should be monitored constantly and some data change every time. The main purpose why you need data migration and its strategy is because you need to maintain the efficiency and competitiveness of your business. Data migration helps you to do that. 

3 Main Types of Data Migration

SAP data migration Malaysia

Data migration isn’t the only important aspect of a business. There are many more to handle and to be taken care of. However, since this is a quite complicated and risky process, you need to focus on this too since it can affect your business performance. Anyway, there are three main types of data migration that you need to know. If your business seems to fit with any one of these, you may get the best service from SAP Malaysia. These are the three types of data migration that are commonly used:

Cloud Migration

This type of data migration is used for those who utilise cloud-based storage systems. Basically, the data and applications are relocated from one cloud to another. 

Storage Migration

The concept of these three is almost the same. They all transfer data from one location to a new one. In this kind of data migration type, data is moved to a modern version one so that various systems can get access to it. 

Application Migration

As for application migration, an application program is moved from one environment to a new one. They all hold a similar purpose, which is to move an element to a new location. 

Data migration is known to be risky because there are always obstacles while performing the process. However, the importance is still undeniable and that’s why you need the professionals and experts to assist you with this matter. 

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