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Being away in a long-distance relationship stinks for various reasons, not the least of which is losing out on that all-important physical connection: holding hands, snuggling on the sofa, kissing, and, of course, having sex. But just because you can’t physically have sex together doesn’t mean you have to save every ounce of pleasure or desire for the rare occasions when you’re back in the same bed.

When you’re in an LDR, sexual chemistry is more vital than ever.

What is the solution? Put up the effort — and be innovative! To keep the sparks alive, be ready to be creative, open, and fun. Here are some ideas to keep the closeness flowing, whether you’re 200 miles away or 2,000 miles apart.

  1. Try phone sex 

Hearing your spouse groan in pure ecstasy at your words is the ideal method to build a sensual connection while you’re both apart. Whether it’s time away for work or hundreds of miles, phone sex is a terrific opportunity to learn, explore, and tease your lover from a distance. Choose a convenient time for both of you, and make an effort to establish an environment that will leave you both feeling comfortable and less inhibited. Begin some tech foreplay and provocative flirting with your companion. Try sexting all day and sending nudes flirtatious text messages. 

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  1. Masturbate together 

Physical intimacy with your spouse may be difficult; yet, being physically connected does not have to be. There are a variety of male and female sex toys available for you and your lover to use separately to keep you both sexually fulfilled until you meet again. Use lubrication to prevent pain and produce an incredible encounter for both of you, whether you use a bunny vibrator or a cock ring. There are also many other sex toys that you can experiment with! Try to purchase secret cherry vibrators for a new sensation!

Physical intimacy with your spouse may be difficult; yet, being physically connected does not have to be.

You could also lookup for a  few suggestions of what to do with a dildo. They have health benefits! Arouse yourself and even put on a show for your partner to watch.

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  1. Get more emotional 

A long-distance relationship is an excellent approach to connect with your spouse emotionally. With the everyday demands of life and the effect of being apart, time apart may be a fantastic chance for you and your spouse to learn more about one another, share daily experiences, and create possibilities that the two of you will enjoy while you are together. Bonding with your spouse is an excellent method to reaffirm your love for one another, making your time apart more meaningful and heartfelt. Try texting your feelings and sending long appreciative texts to show your love and make them feel safer.

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