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These actions do not fall into the category of criminally punishable, if not accompanied by threats of surveillance and extortion. However, no one wants to be the object of secret surveillance, especially if it is an intimate life.

What is Voyeurism?

Paradoxically, but very bland behavior has a very rude name, derived from the French – voyeurism (voir – see). The English term for this phenomenon is visionism. Sexual deviations from this norm are associated with pleasure and satisfaction from spying on people taking baths, having sex, staying on the toilet, etc.

Hidden sight of a naked body is strange to children. Up to 11 years it was considered a natural curiosity and performed the function of learning the surrounding world and self -knowledge. If, over the years, unpleasant research turns into pleasure rather than observing the actions of the deepest people, then that is a question of mental pathology. The most extreme manifestation of this disease is the complete replacement of one’s own sexual activity by spying on the intimate lives of others.

Voyeurism – the cause of this disease

Voyeurism peeks into an obsession. According to experts, most of the reasons that lead to mental disorders lie in childhood in a person’s life. Voyeurism is no exception. The sources are:

  • the psychological trauma received by a child from a suddenly broken relationship with the mother in the first two years of life;
  • pressure from inadvertent adult genitals or sex play and sexual intercourse;
  • emphasis on the child’s attention to visual processes and the effect of what he or she sees on the beginning or continuation of other processes;

The absence of sexual education, expressed in two extremes – the absolute prohibition and the amount of indulgence.

Female and Voyeurism

Let’s talk about this topic. Female and voyeurism are associated with these two. Some researchers in the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy define the tendency to view pornographic movies, strip shows, “magazines for adults”, as hidden voyeurism. However, the main parameter of the disease is peeping, voyeurism involves the pleasure of secret surveillance of intimate processes. Among women, sailors are very rare.

More To Discover On Voyeurism: 

In women, thought processes take place in the frontal lobes of the brain, which are responsible not for logic, but for emotion, so they do not tend to establish a cause -and -effect relationship “I see – I enjoy it.”

Women have more advanced auditory analyzers than visuals, they tend to “like with their ears, not with their eyes.”

During the reception of pleasure, consciousness and logical thinking in women become blurred, and when orgasm is completely turned off.

Mulvey Voyeurism Point of View: 

Voyeurism describes a model / way of seeing that is related to the practice of power in which the body becomes a spectacle for the pleasures of others, this pleasure becomes voyeuristic when the pleasure depends on an unconscious object of view (Mulvey in Handayani, 2017). In its most extreme form, voyeurism becomes the practice of sexual obsession (ibid).

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