Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The amount of pain and struggles mothers need to overcome during their pregnancy is indescribable until we get to experience it ourselves. There is this common saying that goes along the lines of “ you are partially stepping into your own grave during labour” explains how suffering a labour can be. In case of mishaps, it can potentially take a toll on both the lives of the infant as well as the mother, thus a very significant moment in every mother’s life. Apart from that, mothers typically lose a tremendous amount of energy and nutrients postpartum, and this very period is where they regain what they have lost. Here are some things mothers should never do during their postpartum period.

Intense Exercise

Your body is still healing from all of the intensity during labour. While you are allowed to keep your body moving during postpartum, try to stay away from intense workout sessions like jumping jacks, burpees, squats, so on and so forth. These types of exercises will further add force to your wounds and may result in severe circumstances. Yet rather, you can always resort to something as simple as yoga, meditation, brisk-walking, and so on that does not require you to move around too much, but in the meantime, effective enough to put your minds and body at ease. 

Junk Food

Avoid the consumption of junk food for the time being because this period is utmost critical for you to regain the nutrients you have lost previously. Junk food does not give you any nutrients. Eating them to satisfy your cravings is fine but do not go to that extent where you eat it everyday. This is most important especially to breastfeeding mothers. Whatever you take in from your mouth poses a significant impact on the growth of your newborn as they consume your breast milk. Things to avoid other than junk food is caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, so on and so forth. You may also want to check out non leak breast pads malaysia for to avoid leaking during lactation. 


While sex is amazing, try not to do it within the first few months after your labour because again, your body is in the midst of healing. In case of wound breakage, you may need to visit the ER for further medical assistance, you do not want that to happen. Therefore, communicate with your partner about this particular matter and suppress that desire till you can go wild again. It would feel more majestic and rewarding, trust me! 

Bottom Line 

Whatever it is, take your time off everything while you are on your postpartum break because nobody deserves this more than you do. Do it for yourself and your newborn.

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