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Working in the medical sector is not limited to being a doctor and many other professions are possible. The only condition: to specialize. Find out here how this highly selective course is organized and which training path to take to gain access to the profession of your dreams.

In high school: choose the right path

It’s decided, later you want to be a dentist or anaesthesiologist. Also from high school, orient yourself in the right stream by choosing the right specialties such as mathematics, life and earth sciences and finally physics-chemistry another possibility: possibly the ST2S series (Health and social sciences and technologies) for those who would like to continue in nursing school. 

Medicine, from competitive examination to internship

Medical studies are known to be difficult and that’s not a myth! To succeed in this sector, you will have to demonstrate patience and motivation, but the reward is equal to the sacrifices! From the 2 nd year, thanks to the internships, you will be able to prove yourself. After the first 6 years of studies, another competition awaits you, that of the boarding school, a necessary step for all, and which will allow you to specialize in a discipline. Another 4 to 5 years of hard work and the title of doctor is yours!

Medical studies

To become a general practitioner, one must complete training in general medicine and basic medical studies in Malaysia. If you want to master a more targeted specialty, ophthalmology or nephrology, for example, after specialization studies, you have to complete a residency, which lasts between 2 and 4 years depending on the specialization. Thus, to master the profession of surgeon, it will take 8 or 9 years. To practice as doctors in their country of origin, foreign graduates of Malaysian universities must go through a procedure of legalization and recognition of the diploma in their country or a third country nostrification. In case of mutual recognition of diplomas agreement between Malaysia and the country of the graduate, legalization is not necessary. After the end of basic training, students still go through several stages in Malaysia to acquire their subsequent specialization: boarding school, clinical residency and targeted residency.

The internship is the first level of medical training after university. It is mandatory to complete it to become a medical practitioner. The boarding school involves a lot of practice: under the tutelage of the head of department, students can formulate hypotheses for the treatment and diagnosis of patients. The internship is not part of the professional experience of the student insofar as it is not a direct medical activity. Foreign students can study in a boarding school on the basis of international agreements between health establishments or for a fee. The application conditions depend on the university and the training: it can be exams, a test or an interview. Duration of internship studies: 1 year.

The residency consists of the in-depth study of a bidang perubatan and it is the final grade of postgraduate medical studies. In residency, the emphasis is on the acquisition of comprehensive knowledge in a given profession. Completing the residency successfully will not only allow you to work as a medical practitioner, but also to practice in the private sector. Duration of residency studies: 2 years.

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