Wednesday, May 25, 2022

In this technological advanced era, we rely on technology to perform even the most mundane tasks. Take the Roomba for example, it is one of the most highly advanced technologies we have that helps us to clean up dust and dirt in a room automatically. Smartphones are also one of our most advanced pieces of tech as it allows us to have access to software that would otherwise be only available on a computer. Social media has become a platform for every netizen to socialize and communicate with people from afar. It also becomes a platform where most users would get news for free as their friends and family would post news from official news websites. This would lead some traditional media companies to lose their loyal customers as the internet provides free access to local and international news. Every business company is adapting to this new trend by creating more job opportunities for tech savvy people to help them develop their online business.

Every type of business requires a website to enhance their business development. A website contains some of the most important aspects of a company such as location, contact number, emails and social media pages. It can also contain products sold by the company to notify users of the availability of the products and allow their purchased products to be delivered to their homes. Having a good Web Design Malaysia can help companies to attract more people and convert them into their loyal members. Currently, there is a trend of companies having “tell less, show more” type of designs which provides a unique aesthetic without being bombarded with thousands of words on a single page. Additionally, having an easily navigable and fast website will improve the users’ experience as they would be able to browse through the website effortlessly and get their desired items in a short amount of time. 

Besides that, most business companies would advertise their products and services on popular social media and video streaming sites to ensure that their products are shown to as many people as possible. This is more noticeable on Youtube as most videos would consist of multiple ads in a video. Although having multiple ads could help the channel generate revenue, most viewers prefer to have a smooth, uninterrupted session without having ads popping up once every few minutes. This would cause viewers to download adblock extensions into their web browsers to automatically block every ad. 

Although traditional media is slowly dying, it is still being used on certain platforms like billboards and radios as not everyone is able to afford mobile data to listen to their favorite podcasts when they drive to work. Additionally, the billboards help to gain the attention of drivers more effectively which is used mostly by fast food restaurants. 

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