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Ship chartering assure that the firm’s cargoes get transported in a well secure and cost-effective manner. It is crucial for charterers to have a vast conception of the important prospect of chartering and train the expertise on strategic chartering decisions and negotiate for much better charter parties. Chartering is when a shipowner allows renting the ship to a cargo company or owner to transport cargoes from one port to another. Ship charters are the contract of the rental agreement that permits a ship to be a cargo transporter. It is vital to assure good charter contracts to able to increase the company revenue that has a massive contribution to the yearly financial performance. The advantage of ship chartering is able to comprehend contractual arrangements, learn to prevent any coming pitfalls in chartering ships, manage and organize charter party disputes that arise, and learn about the law and order of the contract base on the government requirements. Here is a list of ship chartering companies that are in Malaysia.

 ship chartering in Malaysia


Logsco is a multinational transporting company that also involves vessel charter and project expertise in the industries. These industries such as construction, mining, energy, oil & gas, infrastructure, engineering marine, and offshore industries. Logsco has the potential to engage with their clients from the proposal stage to frim contracts, as this allows them to offer the clients budget cost and the overall attainable assessment. This is during the negotiation and biding to an agreement in the position of the final particularity and when an organization’s orders are confirmed. They also offer worldwide services at any size dry cargo tonnage that is not restricted to get through the bulk carrier, multipurpose and reefer. Logsco also provides full or part charter shipment, voyage and time chartering, freight cover and contracting, sale and purchase ships, and lastly freight and market information consultancy.

MBL Shipping

MBL Shipping Sdn. Bhd is worldwide transportation and logistic organization that connects to the shipping business. This organization offers clients all-around world container transportation and logistic services. MBL Shipping has a good amount of experience and expertise in vessel chartering all kinds of vessels for stocking projects or breakbulk cargo. MBL team also have done ship chartering in Malaysia to many port and destinations. They are specialized in cross-trade shipments. Their forte is on loading cargo from Malaysia to the Middle East, China, and Southeast Asia. They also provide guidelines and procedures to load on the vessel and manage various cargoes. 

Liberty Shipping

Liberty Shipping Sdn Bhd established in 2005 to provide Malaysia and Overseas customers additional services that are not usually offered by other organizations. They operate various shipments worldwide and are a service-oriented organization. The facilitates the progressive process of managing, delivering, and fulfilling corporate needs. They offer clients regular and relying on services by land, air, and ocean. Liberty Shipments focuses on cost progression in Total Logistics. They make sure every client negotiates a Win-Win business. Liberty shipping and chartering Sdn Bhd offers customers distinctive logistic methods in projects and heavy lift movements. 

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