Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Hoping to overcome your fear of having sex with your partner? But just still don’t understand the reason as to why you are not able to prevent these anxiety, nervousness and even phobia from occurring when you are with your partner? In today’s topic, we are going to try to find out the reason for why many women’s suffer when it comes to having sex with their partner in a relationship, since this topic is going to heavy, my advice to my dear reader is to try to see it in a education way rather than taking it too personal to yourself.

There are many factors that can contribute to a women’s unwillingness in committing to a sexual relationship with their partner. Therefore, we are going to break it down into 2 categories, which might lead to today’s investigation of why women are afraid of sex.

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Female Hysteria

Female hysteria is known to be a medical diagnosis which is diagnose on women’s  who suffers with anxiety, nervousness, panic attack ,and also the loss of sexual desire. This diagnosis are able to make a women to loss her appetite of food, water and even sex. Yet the main reason of this female hysteria is said to be due to sexual frustration, but the impact that is can cause to many women in the 19th centuries were loss desire of having sex. Therefore, the only thing that was used by doctors over those past decades was vibrators.

Facts: Vibrators were used as a medical instrument to cure illness like the female hysteria. This vibrators were also believe in curing people loss of sexual desire by making them feel again.

Henceforth, the use of the best vibrator for women from Secret Cherry, was surprisingly used in an effort to help many women’s in order to prompt their sexual sensation so that the desire for them to have sex would be restored.

PTSD Or Sexual Trauma

PTSD or sexual trauma is another reason as to why women’s reject to have sex in their relationship. Most of this case attributes to the tragedy that they have went through, which can be result of aggressive or hard sex from their partners or even might be due to some unfortunate incidents like rape that have took place. Sexual trauma and PTSD is not something to be taken lightly, since the impact that is has implement on women’s who suffers from it is quite big, hence, the only way of treating it is by meeting up with a therapist or psychologist that would approach this case in a less aggressive way, the need of medicine transcription is not needed, unless the case is severe.

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Facts: Most the victim of this sexual trauma and PTSD take time in healing, it can take for like years before they fully commit themselves.

Thus, the important part of us is to be patient and try our level best in not causing fear to our partner. Instead try getting yourself involves together, in a slow phase, by not jumping into sex. Try out by being in contact with skin to skin, then once there’s improvement start incorporating the best vibrator for women from Secret Cherry.

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