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No matter how good the photos look, any home can have defects. You have to see them! Take an electrician and a plumber with you when watching. These specialists will do some simple checks after which they will tell you if the house is in order or not. The pipes, their joints will be carefully checked, it will be noticed if water leaks through certain places, etc. As for the electrical part, the electrician will be able to tell you if the wires are old or have been replaced in the meantime. When going for the Mont Kiara new condo or Mont Kiara property purchase, you can expect the best deals.

Choose the best mortgage

A mortgage can be made at many banks, but you have to analyze their conditions very well because they differ. First and foremost, you are interested in knowing what the interest is charged. Choose after making a comparison between offers, because at some banks you can pay more, and at others less.

What to look out for when you buy from a developer

  • If you want to buy, in addition to the apartment, a parking space in the garage is very careful! Many parking spaces for sale are small, so there is a risk that only two cars can fit in two places.
  • Specifies in the contract that if the apartment has hidden defects, they will be remedied by the seller.
  • If you take a loan through the “First House”, many developers recommend certain banks that they work best with. Nobody forces you to take credit from that bank, but you are told that, in this way, your file will be approved faster. It is very possible to be true, but you have to choose according to the conditions imposed by the bank and choose between the most advantageous offers.

Discover our practical guide to becoming an owner! Buying a new home is a unique event in life. When making the decision to become an owner, many people do not know how to do this. What are the steps to buy a home? Discover our practical guide to make the right purchase and to avoid stress!

Do I really have to buy a house?

Before making the decision to buy a property, consider the various options available to you. Is it better to buy or rent? If you want to settle in a certain region, then buying is the obvious choice. If you think you are going to change jobs several times, whether you travel a lot or not, and you are not tied to a particular location, renting can be a temporary solution because it offers great flexibility.

Determine your budget and find a mortgage

If you want to buy a property, it is better to determine in advance the budget you have. Several elements must be considered: Your personal contribution. Buying a home is an opportunity to save money. The amount you reimburse to the bank each month cannot exceed 1/3 of your income. Visit several banks and credit bureaus and compare offers before deciding on a mortgage.

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