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You cannot repeat it enough, it is important to use a condom. You don’t like it, you find the condom embarrassing, too thick, too small, too big, etc. Don’t panic! Thanks to the following tips on the best sex toys Malaysia you will know how to reconcile him because he is your best ally for serene and fulfilling sexuality!

To begin

It is sure that the expiry date has not passed, that the condoms have not been lying around for too long in his pockets or at the bottom of a bag, for example, because if they are too old or damaged there is a risk that they will tear each other apart.
Condoms should be handled with care because even if they are resistant, a cut can occur and make the condom unusable. So you can avoid using the teeth or a sharp object to open the packaging as well as the nails, to unroll a condom.

During sex

Have fun, above all! A lot of stress and “loathing” of condoms comes from being too serious when you first have sex with condoms. Love is a pleasure, not a constraint! In the beginning, you can be apprehensive and this is normal, but with time and a little practice, it will get much better. It is also possible to ask his / her, partner, to put it in your place or to participate. It can become a real moment of complicity, of playing, of sharing, and helping to alleviate the pressure you put on yourself. No more drudgery where the other struggles alone because after all in a sexual relationship there are two!


The condom should be unrolled over the erect penis. By putting it in place, pinch the reservoir at the end of the condom to release the air. This reservoir is intended to receive the sperm at the time of ejaculation. If you do not remember to pinch hit, the semen that arrives may cause pressure and tear the condom or run down the penis and enter the vagina. Then unroll the condom to the base of the penis.

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