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The risks associated with not being able to know the history of the property and its owners, as well as any negative aspects hidden by the seller, should not be underestimated. A serious and professional real estate agent checks in advance all the dossier relating to the single Gombak condo property and proceeds to its sale only after making sure that everything is in order. Go for the condo for sale Gombak there.

How does the negotiation between the parties take place?

If we have decided to proceed with the purchase of a house from private individuals, we must know well what the necessary documents to complete the sale correctly are.

  • First of all, however, it is good to verify that the seller is actually the owner of the property and that the same is in good standing from all points of view, so that there are no building abuses, mortgages, foreclosures and so on.
  • To be sure of this, the buyer must ask the seller for the documents of provenance, such as a deed of purchase or succession report, and the building documentation relating to the building permit and the certificate of habitability.

If one or more of these documents are missing, it would be advisable not to complete the purchase in order to avoid finding yourself in unpleasant situations. Once all the necessary information has been collected, you can then decide to move on to the purchase proposal, usually accompanied by a check that serves to block the property. The offer is binding only on the buyer and if the seller does not accept within the terms, the check must be returned.

For the Sellers

The seller can also make a counter-offer and, in this case, the buyer will have to accept it if necessary. When an agreement is reached between the parties, the compromise is finally reached: at this stage the seller will be required to provide the requested documentation, in the absence of which he will not only have to return the amount received but also pay any damages.

What are the necessary documents for the purchase of houses for sale by individuals?

As regards more specifically the documents required to carry out a real estate sale between individuals, some are common for both parties, others are not.

First of all, both the buyer and the seller must deliver to the Notary:

  • A valid identity card and tax code.
  • A certificate attesting to the marital status or property regime.
  • If non-EU citizens, the residence permit.

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