Monday, August 15, 2022

Boutique Chic – South Beach Cool Pattaya Apartments

South Beach is a low rise, high specification condotel situated in one of the best locations around. The Pratamnak area is perfectly situated to give access to both Pattaya and Jomtien as well as to local beaches and is much sought after as a location.
South Beach is on the seaward side of Pratamnak Hill which acts as a natural buffer offering privacy and attractive surroundings. Main transport routes to Pattaya City centre and the beaches of Jomtien are on the other side of Pratamnak Hill making travel and access to local attractions quick and easy.

What’s inside?

Inside, all apartments are light, well designed and finished to the highest standards. The architecture is superb and a variety of apartments ranging from 32 square metres to 75 square metres are available on floors two to seven. On the ground floor you will find concierge reception and owners lounge. Facilities are not provided.

The views are spectacular along this particular coastline and the building is finished off with a stunning, black infinity roof top pool and terrace to make the most of this.

If lifestyle and location are important to you then South Beach is hard to beat. Contact South Beach Pattaya Apartments for full information.

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