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How To Install Roller Binds

Aside from a roller blind’s main purpose that is blocking the heat and light rays of the sun and provides privacy to the users roller blinds are really simple, does not cost too much money and have a much cleaner appearance but add more style to the look in any window space of the rooms inside your home.

If you want to install your own roller blinds you need to decide where exactly you want it to be placed because there are two ways that a blind could be fitted, it could either be outside of the window or taken into the recess of your window space. You have to make sure that if you decided to position your blind into the recess it has to fit if you find that it is too long then you could cut out the excess and make sure that the drop –which it the length of your blind’s roller would be long enough to cover your whole window. Make sure to take the exact measurements of the area where you want your blinds to be placed in use a tape measure to accomplish this you would not want to permanently cut off your blind with the wrong measurements taken. It is also very important to know if your blinds could be cut.

How To Cut Your Blinds

Clean everything out of the area where you will be working and make sure that you are doing this in a flat surface so that you could easily roll out your blind on it.

Some of the part where you will be cut off with any kind of marking tool preferably you could just use an ordinary pencil and use your scissors to cut off that excess blind, you could also use a cutter and just slice through it but you have to make sure to put something hard and flat underneath like a wooden plank to avoid unwanted damage to the floors.

Now you need to cut off the roller it is not as hard as it looks you could just use a hack saw to do the job for you

Fitting the End Caps

You can decide which side you are going to be controlling your blinds either the right or left side of the roller blind by placing the chord that is responsible for pulling the blind up and down to the place where you want to control your blinds and fixing the bracket on the sides to hold and make sure you leave a little space on top of where you fix your bracket so that the blinds could roll up freely.

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