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The location can hardly be changed, the condition of a house or apartment can be. It can be renovated at any time or comprehensive renovation can be improved. Investing in real estate is long-term and therefore it is crucial to have a feel for the situation not only as it is now, but also for how it could or will develop over the next few months or years. The location is therefore not only important within a city district, a federal state, but also within Malaysia.

Our price atlas provides an initial quick overview of property prices in Malaysia, simply enter the street, house number, and place of residence and you will see how much an apartment or house costs to buy in the relevant residential area. The price displayed is the price per square meter. You can use the small arrow at the bottom in the middle of the search mask to access more detailed information such as price developments over one or more years. There (or in the settings next to the address line) you can also choose whether you want to display the value of an apartment or a house for sale or rent. If you want to know more, click on “Request detailed evaluation”. You can also opt for the mutiara damansara apartment for rent or for options in Bangsar.

Important factors for the location

A distinction is made between macro-location and micro-location, i.e. the spatial environment in a broader and in a narrower sense. The term macro location refers to the country, the region, the city, or the district, while the micro-location describes the character of the immediate surroundings, the character of the Mutiara Damansara Property and the immediate neighborhood, the location of the street and the building as well as the direct environmental influences. 

Depending on the requirements and type of use, both hard and soft location factors are important for assessing the location. Hard location factors can be quantified, for example, the distance to the train station. Soft location factors are subjective assessments of location qualities. This would be the environment of the environment, for example.

Macro location: How future-oriented is the region?

Let’s start with the global view first. It will be very important that the property is located in Malaysia in an economically and future-oriented region. Overall, it can be said that the cities and districts – especially in the south and southwest of the republic are increasingly pulling away from the rest of the regions economically. 

The economically strongest areas in Malaysia in 2010 were in the metropolitan areas of the south, especially in the greater Munich, Stuttgart, and Frankfurt areas. But the region around Hamburg in the north is also one of the economically strong areas.

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