Monday, August 15, 2022

Liver cancer can be deadly. Watching yourself or your loved one go through the turmoil of cancer is never going to be easy. 

Liver cancer is the cancer of the liver. Cancer is the uncontrolled division of cells and the same thing is situated in our liver. Cells start to grow uncontrollably and spread around the organ and to the rest of the body. 

Our liver is responsible for many things. They carry out the duties of detoxification, breaking down our food for excretion. It also filters out the blood from any toxic substances and secretes them out to keep us safe. They also build the proteins that are necessary for various functions of our body. 

The liver is truly the epitome of survival. Did you also know that liver transplants are in exceptional demand? We can survive with one kidney, but we cannot survive without the liver. Having a functioning liver can also potentially save our life in the case of an accident. It is the one organ in our body that can heal itself. The power of regeneration of the liver is still a mind-blowing concept for most of us. 

So when cancer hits our liver, it can be truly disheartening. The regeneration power declines, and deterioration exceeds. The most common types of liver cancer faced by people are hepatocellular carcinoma and even bile duct cancer. Without our bile duct, we cannot break down the toxins and other substances for excretion to keep our bodies safe and healthy. It is important that our liver is intact to keep us healthy for a long period of time. 

So what are the risk factors of liver cancer? 

People with hepatitis are at great risk for cancer and cirrhosis. Hepatitis medicine in Malaysia is a great way to combat and medicine for liver cirrhosis Malaysia has to offer also comes in handy for treatment. There are risk factors for cancer other than a previously existing condition. Sometimes it is genetics, sometimes it is related to our diet and consumption of carcinogens. Sometimes it is also heavily related to our alcohol consumption. 

With several risk factors in play for liver cancer, what are some preventative methods of liver cancer? 

Regular Exercise 

Regular exercise can go a long way in preventing diseases. Exercise has been linked to a significant decline in risk for several diseases. But in particular, studies have suggested how effective exercise is for the prevention of liver cancer.

The prevention is related to how our genes and fatty liver cells play a role in the development of cancer. The pandemic has increased the number of people diagnosed with liver cancer and that may also be a result of the lack of activity in our lives leading to a fatty liver. 

Eat A Healthy Well Balanced Diet 

A well-balanced diet and exercise go hand in hand. But what we eat also has a specific impact on the health of our liver. The supplements we take, the greens we include, the fruits we consume and the sugar and salt intake as well as the sufficiency of healthy food content. A well-balanced diet consists of a combination of healthy carbohydrates, five portions of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and proteins.

We need a good balance of all of these components to make up our plate. Breakfast, lunch, dinner should compromise both the food we love and food that is healthy. Living off on fast food, smoking and drinking is the last thing we can do for prevention. 

Control Your Alcohol Consumption 

Speaking of drinking, we all know the effect of alcohol on our liver. Prolonged obsessive consumption of alcohol can lead to both physical and mental damages. Many battles with addictions and other chronic diseases destroy their personal life and work life. Many are left in poverty as a result.

Obsessive alcohol consumption also leads to a weakened immune system and increased risk for liver cancer, liver-induced cirrhosis, and other diseases. 

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