Tuesday, July 5, 2022

You know how when you drive around and you see buildings with very fancy designs? That is the work of some of Malaysia’s leading architecture firms to create unique and complex designs that would catch the attention of potential residents. Although it may seem weird at first, it gives our urban cities a more futuristic look instead of the same old rectangular blocks we see all the time. Some of them are even built on top of shopping malls or shopping lots to give residents to buy necessities or hang out below their houses more often without needing to go out. More importantly, who are these architect firms behind these uniquely designed buildings?

Akipraktis is the leading architecture firm in Malaysia as they are responsible for the construction of many buildings that we know today such as the upcoming Conlay Station, Telekom Berhad’s office, and multiple high rise residential buildings in Kuala Lumpur and Negeri Sembilan. In 2018, they won an award for BCI Asia Top 10 Architects placing themselves at first place among their competitors. Established in 1996, Akipraktis, or Architects are Kreative People, have placed themselves as among the best architect firms in the country. With their innovative and futuristic designs, they help to shape Malaysia into a more eye-catching and attention-worthy country that will become noticeable by more countries.

In second place, aLM Architects is placed just right behind Akipraktis in BCI Asia Top 10 Architects. Despite being established in 2003, aLM Architects have quickly climbed through the ranks and placed themselves the second best architecture firm in Malaysia. You may recognize some of their projects as they have worked on Grand Alora Hotel in Alor Setar, Penang’s Tri Park, Office in the Park and DIS Factory. They have also won two awards from PAM Awards 2018 for Special Category and Special Re-use with Silver and Commendation respectively. 

And lastly in third, we have Architect 61 Sdn Bhd with multiple major projects in Neo Damansara, E&O Hotel, Stonor Park and many more. They were also featured in the main page of The Star’s property section. Established in 1974, it has competed against many other architecture firms and placed itself on third and still remains as one of the most prestigious architecture firms in Malaysia. Having awards including the aforementioned BCI Asia Top 10 Architects, Architect 61 has proven itself that it is no slouch either and has proceeded to create some of the most memorable buildings in the country.

With all of that said, each building has their own unique designs that makes themselves more distinct than others. Although some may seem weird, each building is designed by hardworking and innovative people who wish to help people live under a roof while feeling like they live a luxurious life. Although they may not be able to compete against larger architecture firms overseas like BDC Network,  HKS Inc and Perkins+Will, we should still be proud of what our architecture firm can do for our country.

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