Monday, August 15, 2022

Most of the chemical testing equipment is a precision instrument, not only requires the test operator to use, but also to understand the basic principles of the instrument, the use of precautions, the storage environment of the instrument, so that the failure rate of the instrument will be reduced by lab planner malaysia

If optical instruments are stored in a general laboratory, in a humid environment, the mirrors become damp and mouldy. In some laboratories, there exists the possibility of placing optical analysis instruments close to equipment such as centrifuges or oscillators so that samples can be optically analysed by the operator after the centrifugation procedure, but the optical analysis instruments are next to instruments running at high speed for long periods of time and the lenses may be shaken off or shattered. During the maintenance process, more problems such as these were found, and a slight lack of attention to instrument management had a greater impact on the testing trials, increasing the workload of the maintenance staff and maintenance costs.

Test instruments in the purchase, installation, acceptance for normal use, are to be related materials into the file, the establishment of instrument files. The files mainly include contracts, instruction manuals and other technical data, and the corresponding instrument use records, maintenance records and repair records should be available after the equipment arrives at the corresponding faculty. 

However, for example, ultrasonic oscillation instruments are used more often in laboratories, and it has been found in maintenance that due to improper maintenance, the operator has not dried up the spilled water or chemicals in time after use, corroding the circuit board of the instrument, thus causing the entire circuit board to be replaced, which not only prolongs the maintenance time, but also delays the use and increases the cost. Many instruments have been repaired, because the maintenance time is tight and the task is many, often negligent of the maintenance of the record, not only is not conducive to the statistical utilization rate, but also does not facilitate the new entry-level maintenance personnel fault query and parts replacement, affecting the efficiency of the repair of repetitive or related failures.

The equipment manager should assist the data manager in setting up the equipment files, and the pre-acquisition research data, purchase contracts, equipment acceptance sheets and manuals that come with the equipment manager should be transferred to the archive management department in time to ensure that the procedures within the files are complete. A good management and sound analysis of the files will enable better use of the equipment and prolong its life.

In order to ensure the normal operation of large instruments and equipment, we must first do a good job of managing the archives of the instruments and equipment. After the purchase, installation and acceptance of large instruments for normal use, the relevant materials are classified into files, and the establishment of instrument files mainly includes technical files, instrument use logbooks, maintenance records, etc. This is the basis for ensuring the efficient operation of instruments and for technical transformation.

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