Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Content writing is the process of editing, researching writing, and curating valuable content for various niches and genres. In the world of marketing and branding, the content writing process is more than just about writing to make a reader fall in love with you. Or writing poems and heart stringing novels. In the marketing world it is about creating content for the sake of advertising, Search engine optimization, branding and so many more. Overall, the content we create is to fulfill the branding and marketing objectives of the business, rather than to write a masterpiece. 

A content writer creates about 5-10 masterpieces a day for their clients. Some even write one a day or even two to three a month. However, this all depends on their marketing strategy and objective. But how does the content we create also relate to the branding we do? 

Content Writing Creates Exposure And Awareness 

Content writing is important for a lot of things in marketing. But one of the most important functions of it in the marketing world is, it is like the currency. There is no exchange of actual money and bills in the digital world. In the digital world’s marketing, content is how we use it to gain what we want, and give people what they need. Much like the traditional currency, people gain something valuable in exchange. What content builds and earns may not be something tangible but it is used to build components of brands like trust, love, and attachment. These may come in the forms of shares, likes, and follows. These intangible measures of the digital world are what we obtain in exchange for putting out content. Consider a youtube video we make for our channel. We may not need to make one every day and every week. The one video we make gains more and more exposure because people like it, share it with their friends. 

Content writing does a similar thing. When we optimize the content for the search engine world, there are higher chances of people engaging with it and resonating with it as well. The more people open, engage and read, the better for the brand’s recognition and awareness. 

It Reinforces Branding Image And Messages 

What we underestimate about the digital world is the power of our words. People pay attention to our words. The purpose of many brand activation agency  Malaysia is that they work twice as hard to make sure our content reinforces the branding image they carefully curated for you. The message must be also cohesive with the content we write. The more it matches with one another, the more it supports the branding strategies and image we build. 

Without good content in mind and place, our brand will also suffer. Poor content reflects the state of the brand its trustworthiness among people. The better the content is, and the richer the content is the more exposure a brand enjoys, and much more engagement as well. You cannot put a price on the importance and power of content in the SEO and branding world. 

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