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Your friend just gave birth to a baby! You want to congratulate them but today’s circumstances won’t allow you to visit them. Maybe you will just send them a gift for them and their newborn baby, but since you have no experience with a baby you are clueless on what to get this little person? What do they like? What do they need? 

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This article will give you some ideas on what gifts are suitable to get for a newborn baby and new parents. You can easily get all of these kinds of stuff at an online baby store in Malaysia. 

Car Seat

Babies are known to be fragile and it is important to be extra cautious around them. A car ride can be a scary moment for parents and their baby and that is why it is important to have a good quality car seat that can ensure the baby’s safety. A good quality car seat can be used for up to 9 months and can be changed according to the baby’s need. Nowadays there is a lot of good quality car seat you can get for them. Your friends will be thankful towards you when you give them a car seat as a gift. 

Play Gym 

Don’t be confused this is not your typical adult play gym okay! This gift is perfect for the baby and the mommy. They can just put their baby and while the baby is distracted with all of the toys on the play gym, parents can do their task without having to worry about the baby’s well-being. Besides that, this play gym is good for the baby’s motor development skills. They can experience a lot of things from the play gym and it will be good for their development as a baby. Another benefit of this play gym is that it is easy to store in the house and it is also easy to be clean, they can just put the polyester-made material in the washing machine to clean it. 

Custom Baby Portrait

Parents are all about making and capturing every moment with their babies. From their first burp to their first step. Giving them their baby portrait will show them that you cared about the baby and you want to be a part of the baby’s journey. Parents will definitely love this gift because it is a portrait specially made for their baby. Well, I guess it might not be that fun for the baby but it will definitely be a memorable and meaningful gift for the parents. And who knows once the baby has grown up, they will appreciate the portrait more. I mean a custom portrait of you? Who’s not going to be touched by that? 

There are a lot of other different gifts you can get for the babies or their parents. Whether it is for the baby’s used or a simple yet meaningful piece of memories for both of them. The most important thing is for you to be supporting and cherishing the baby. Whatever gift you will get them, it will always be meaningful for the family.

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