Monday, August 15, 2022

Have you recently moved to Pandan Perdana? The next time after you have gotten your best condo is decorating your condo. By watching Tik Tok videos and YouTube videos, we are sure that you will have an idea of how your new home should look like. But you might not be able to afford to decorate your house however you want it to be due to lack of funds allocated for home furniture since you used up your savings to pay for your house deposit. That is why we would like to give you a few suggestions on what essential furniture that you should focus on getting first instead of being sad about not being able to redecorate the house in Pandan Perdana. There are a few essential pieces of furniture that you should get for your new house because they will make your living easier.

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A bed is one of the most essential items that you should get for your new house. After a day of hard work, you would want to lie somewhere to get proper rest to replenish your drained energy. If there was no bed in your house, you might have to sleep on a blanket on the floor and that is not advisable if you are living in an area that is exposed to cold temperatures or you are suffering from back pains.


This is very important because you need to store your clothes somewhere instead of letting them spread around your floor, which portrays a messy household. If you do not have a furniture item like a wardrobe to keep your clothes in, you will have a messy room and you might have stacks of boxes and bags filled with clothes, This will cause inconvenience for you because when you are rushing to work, you will be stressed searching for clothes that are strewn all over your room and it might make you go to work late.

Sofa And TV Cabinet

A sofa is important so that in case you have guests coming over, you do not have to worry about asking them to sit on your bed instead of on the floor. You can hang out with them in the living room. You can even sit and enjoy your favourite tv shows from sitting on the sofa while watching the TV that is mounted on the wall on top of the TV cabinet. This will reduce your screen time because the TV is in the living room and not in your bedroom. If you are living in an apartment with no extra bed, and you have an overnight guest like your sister staying over, you do not need to worry because she can sleep on the sofa for the night. 

Dining Table And Chairs

You need to get furniture that will make you feel comfortable when eating. Getting a dining table and chairs will ensure that you have a spot where you can enjoy your meals peacefully. This is because if not you will need to sit on your bed which might cause ants or cockroaches to enter your room.

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