Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Do you want to study medicine? Get to know these things first, before you regret it going into kolej pembantu perubatan– Becoming a doctor is the most mainstream answer and is often encountered after becoming president, TNI or police. When we were young, for some reason only those professions were mentioned. Maybe because of us still can’t walk, the medical profession is the most frequently encountered. This is why so many people want to become doctors.

Get To Know Some Of These Things Before Studying Medicine or Kolej Pembantu Perubatan

But is being a doctor easy? Let’s find the answer from the full review below. An online medical site understands that you will need information on the requirements for entering the medical faculty, the difference between doctor and medical education, and medical subject matter as a reference material. Moreover, we also know that it is common knowledge that studying medicine at kolej pembantu perubatan is expensive.

kolej pembantu perubatan

Is that true? Then will the online medical site also give tips to become a doctor, or an overview of the requirements to become a doctor to the physical requirements to become a doctor? An online medical site will provide a series of useful information if you really want to study medicine. About the medical school entrance test and the minimum score to enter the medical school, the online medical site will try to convey in detail. Just take a look at the explanation below.

Understanding the Field of Science in Kolej Pembantu Perubatan

Still continuing from the points above, you also need to understand the field of science. When you are still in high school, it is best if the major you choose is science. You can’t choose social studies or language majors because all material related to medicine is science. Not linguistic or related to social subject matter. Not only biology, you also need to understand concepts in subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Have Systematic Reason and Logic

Because medical science will study a system, namely the body system, of course later you need to have the ability to think in a sequential or systematic manner. Body parts have their own grooves. Starting from the smallest system parts to the whole body system. The performance of the body in the flow of the system should not be missed so that problems can be analyzed and find solutions. Common examples that can be given include the respiratory system involving the nose, esophagus and lungs. In the lungs themselves there are small parts that make up a more detailed and small-scale system. As a doctor, systematic logic skills and good reasoning will be needed.

Active in Society

kolej pembantu perubatan

Being a doctor is not only required to be academically smart, but you are also required to be active socially in society later. For that, your experience in the surrounding environment greatly affects the quality of yourself as a prospective doctor. Frequently participate in volunteering related to the medical world or maintaining a clean or hygienic environment. That will be a fairly useful provision in the real world of work.


Not only requires a thin and intelligent brain, being a doctor also really needs to have a healthy mind and body. Moreover, in the future, medical faculty students will be required a lot of time, energy, and thought for approximately 5 years. Health is an important requirement if you want to take this major. Before registering, you should think and check whether you have a history of illness related to fatigue or other serious illnesses. Just in case in the future.

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