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Faced with the disadvantage of having to dedicate time to the kitchen to be able to eat homemade preparations at work, today we show you seven advantages of eating from a tupperware during the new course if your goal is to take care of your diet and health.

More homemade food and better health

The advantages of eating from a tupperware are undoubtedly related to the intake of homemade food, not processed or fast food, therefore, among the main benefits of taking the tupperware to the office every day we find the following:

Lower body weight: the food that we buy and was prepared outside the home has twice or more calories than one made by our own hands. Additionally, many purchased foods have addictive substances and a low nutritional profile, all of which do not contribute to achieving a healthy weight. If we eat more tupperware, more homemade food, it will undoubtedly be easier to have a healthy weight.

Low risk of metabolic diseases: diet is closely linked to our health and it is known that if we eat poorly on a daily basis, the risk of suffering from obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other types of chronic non-communicable diseases is high. Thus, a study published in Plos Medicine confirms that with a greater frequency of homemade meals, the risk of suffering type 2 diabetes is lower.

Less likely to suffer from deficiencies: most of the foods we buy outside the home usually include processed or ultra-processed foods that, according to research by the University of Cambridge, have a low nutritional profile, that is, they do not provide fiber, vitamins, minerals or antioxidants . If, on the other hand, we cook at home and carry our dishes in a tupper, we will have more possibilities to eat with good nutrients and thus reduce the risk of deficiencies.

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Greater productivity: if we do not bring food we will have to go buy it, and then sit down to eat in the office and without a doubt all this takes considerably longer than taking out the tupperware and sitting down to taste the plate that is inside. Thus, carrying the tupperware can reduce wasted time and become more productive, not to mention that a good diet also contributes to greater cognitive performance.

Less stress: if we have millions of tasks to accomplish and time is always scarce to accomplish them, take the tupper and sit down to taste the same in the middle of nature or a calm environment very different from fast food places can be It is a great help to reduce stress, because in addition, we will be more productive, we will not waste time and this, without a doubt, can be useful to reduce stress and pressure at work.

More satiety and less anxiety: if it is difficult for you to calm the bug between meals and it is difficult for you to fill yourself with food at work, making your own tuppers can be helpful, as you will choose ingredients that promote satiety and reduce anxiety, such as those They require chewing, rich in protein and promote the release of serotonin in the body, in order to satisfy you more, avoid excesses and reduce anxiety in the middle of the workday.

Lower economic expense: if we want one more reason to take care of our health by avoiding the stress that an affected pocket can cause, eating from a tupperware is very helpful, because in this sense you will have a lower economic cost and higher nutritional quality for the care of the health, which in the future will also save you expenses on drug and other treatments.

You see that eating from tupperware food storage containers has many advantages and even if you see it difficult due to lack of time, you should know that you can achieve healthy preparations in a matter of minutes to take from tupperware in the new course and enjoy these benefits with its consumption.

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