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Nowadays, with the development of the real estate industry and the lack of land resources, the house price is getting higher and higher. Many would-be buyers are worried that they won’t be able to afford a home after learning about the current real estate market. On the other hand, more and more young people think that buying a house is no longer a priority, so they choose to rent a house.

What are the advantages of owning or renting?

The term of rent is generally short-term. One advantage of short-term living is that you do not need to stay in a place for a long time. You can often change to a different environment to improve the current bad atmosphere. At present, most people who rent houses are single people or young couples. For these people, renting is less stressful. Most of the people who support renting are more concerned about their own quality of life, they do not want to save money to buy a house, so they choose to live by renting.

The advantage of buying a house is relative to renting a house. After all, renting a house is someone else’s house. Once the landlord wants to take back the house, the tenant can only move. Moving is a big project and very troublesome. But when you buy your own house, no one can drive you away, and life is relatively stable. Although it was hard to buy a house by oneself, the house depreciated less, even after 10 or 20 years, the house can still be sold at a high price. For example, housing prices in Putra Heights are getting higher and higher with the development of the city. Now, the concept of a house for pension has been very popular. Owners with a house property can also live very happily when they retire in the future.

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So, how do we choose to rent or buy a house?

First, we must consider the economic situation. The cost of renting is lower than the cost of buying a house, and buying a house is a test of one’s economic strength, so we make a choice mainly according to our own economic situation. Ordinary people generally choose to rent a house at the beginning of their work, and then plan to buy a house after they have accumulated certain economic ability. While the rich will not stop buying houses because of the high housing price, as they can treat the houses they buy as fixed assets or a way of investment and financial management.

Next, we must consider the family situation. If family factors are taken into account, single people not only have limited economic ability, but also have no need to buy a house by themselves. However, if there is a family, there are many factors to consider and a stable life is needed. The uncertainty of renting is large, the rent is facing the risk of price increase, the house may be sold and evicted at any time, and the deposit may not be returned. Therefore, for people who have a family, buying a house is still necessary.

In any case, renting or buying a house is just a different lifestyle choice. Even so, building up a financial base when we’re young has a lot of benefits for the future.

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