Monday, August 15, 2022

The year 2020 has not been kind to us as the whole nation is plagued with the COVID-19 pandemic which limits everything that used to be our norms for an opening to the new ones. We are ought to comply with social distancing laws, wear masks whenever we are out and about and do frequent sanitization. Quarantining ourselves at home may lower the risk of virus spreading and infection, however there is no doubt that being stuck at home all day doing your forex and cfd would definitely pull you into boredom, but self-quarantine can actually drive you to do something new just to fill the time. If you’re in need of change when it comes to your favourite drinks, here are three drinks you should DIY without spending too many bucks on it.

1)   Dalgona Coffee

Have you tried this number #1 trending drink since the beginning of quarantine? The famous Dalgona latte has been the hots in social media, which sets the trend as a top drink to try during self-quarantine. All you need is four ingredients only: you favourite coffee powder, sugar, hot water and milk.

With a bowl, add your coffee powder, sugar and hot water in 1:1:1 ratio and whisk it using a spoon (preferably an egg whisk or mixer for a quicker foaming process) until it turns into a fluffy foam. Pour yourself a glass of milk (but not too full) and then top it off with the Dalgona foam.

And you’re done! It’s that easy. This velvety smooth foam of goodness can definitely snatch the list of your favourite drinks to a whopping top three!

2)   Matcha Latte

Miss your daily matcha? No problem! DIY your own matcha latte with only matcha powder, hot water, and milk.

Add two teaspoon of matcha powder into a small bowl and boil a little water until it gets all bubbly. Pour the hot water into the mug and, with a matcha whisk, stir the mixture until it turns into a smooth green paste. Then take out your favourite mug and place some ice cubes, then pour some milk into the mug halfway and top it off with the matcha paste. Mix the goodness with a spoon and lastly, enjoy your green aesthetic with glee!

3)   Moon Tea

‘Moon Tea’ is a simple drink created by a famous beauty Youtuber, Michelle Phan, and her devoted fans have been trying to recreate it ever since. You need an earl grey tea or English Breakfast, sugar and any kind of milk (almond, oat, etc.).

Place the tea bag in your mug and one teaspoon of sugar. Then pour in some milk and let the tea infuse with the milk for about two minutes. Lastly, add hot water in your mug and wait for another few minutes. After that, your tea will be finished.

Enjoy these warm, Instagram-worthy drinks as your new thing to do at home!

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