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Banting is a town in Selangor, Malaysia, and the administrative centre of the Kuala Langat District. It’s on the banks of the Langat River referred to as Sungai Langat by the locals. It is a Federal Route Rest Town or Bandar Persinggahan. Near Banting is the historical city of Jugra, a former royal town in Selangor. Banting is close to Morib’s beaches as well as hills, forests, and farms. 

The proximity to farms is a given, though, since Banting is a major agricultural centre. Oil palm plantations, poultry farms, and betel leaves are among the country’s key agricultural resources, and it also has a number of industrial zones.

Historical Significance. 

Jugra, the former capital of Selangor before Kuala Lumpur, is a renowned tourist destination near Banting. Former Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Abdul Samad ibni Almarhum Tunku Abdullah Bandar Temasha was born in Jurga. In addition to being a former royal town, Jurga has also served as the birthplace of Sultan  Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Hisamudin Alam Syah. 


Ethinic Groups. 

The city of Banting has a population of 93,497 people. Banting has a zip code of 42700. The city enjoys a majority of Malay population with a whooping 62.26% of the population being Malay. The Chinese and the Indian population, while not as strong as some of the other cities and townships of Selangor, still enjoy majorities. 17.11% of the population of Banting is Indian while 15.58% is Chinese. The area boasts a very small population of expatriates, to the point where it is negligible. 


The city of Banting is home to the Plaza Aimpoint shopping centre and has three other 7-elevens, making the process of shopping easier for the residents. It also has an Econsave for the fiscally responsible. The area has no less than six banks. Two of these outlets belong to the same bank, Public Bank. There is also one outlet of Maybank and one of CIMB as well as one AM Bank. It has eight petrol pumps strategically located all across the city with two of them being Shell and two of them being Petronas. The city also has six different medical centers, two of which are hospitals, Banting Hospital and Hospital Metro Maternity. In terms of public transport, Banting only offers a solitary taxi station and nothing more. 


The area is home to multiple nationally recognized primary and secondary schools. It also houses 7 high education institutions with one of them being a polytechnic college, Politeknik Banting, and one international, Kirby International College. 

Residential Properties. 

While the city of Banting is located a little ways away from most of Selangor’s other cities and townships, the region still offers a wide array of affordable residential properties for middle income families. 


The region does not have much to offer in terms of residential towers, but it does have a series of detached condos, cottages, and terrace houses that can serve as the perfect starter home for many young families. To learn more about Banting and the residential properties it has to offer, visit Edgeprop today!

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