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Law is the authority that restricts people from doing anything immoral or illegal. The law is the collection of prescribed rules which are liable to be obeyed by every citizen. The law enables man to live within limits and be a good member of society. The good society flourished because of the law.

Regional animation

Anime is a borrowed Japanese word that is used to refer to any type of animation. Outside of Japan, in other countries, anime is generally considered a type of cartoon. You can make an anime-style cartoon, but it cannot be considered an anime. Why not, you ask? The animation varies by region. This may be due to the different techniques used, the ideologies present and the resources available for each production or study.

Anime styles

Sure, anime can have many different styles and emulate styles from other countries as well, and the lines can sometimes be blurry when there are collaborations between studios from different countries. What makes them unique are the efforts of the people, the people who come together to make them happen. The anime is what it is today thanks to the efforts made in Japan for the sake of the genre.

Violation of copyright law

“Copyright notice” is a YouTube term; This is how that particular venue chooses to ensure that its obligations under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (D.M.C.A.) in the United States are consistently respected and enforced. It has no relation or relevance to merchandising sales or anime as a genre. Now, if it is a copyright infringement (copyright infringement), it is a completely different matter. Simply put, the owner of the intellectual property rights has the sole authority to determine where and how his work is copied and distributed (which is, after all, the essence of what copyright literally means is the “right to copy”: the creator/owner has it, others don’t).

Therefore, if it is a work of art that you have illustrated yourself and assuming it was not done as a commissioned work, then as the creator you have the right to make those decisions and distribute and sell as you see fit.

If a specific art is not created by yourself then it is not your intellectual property to distribute or sell it, and distributing or selling it would amount to copyright infringement. You must contact the owner of the rights to obtain authorization or negotiate a license with him or with a supplier through whom he distributes to arrange the rights in order to distribute and/or sell that artwork.


Malaysia is a very great country and like any other great country it also imposes law and regulation on its citizens. These laws and regulations make a society an ideal society. So, the anime business or the art of anime also preserves law which every business man from this field has to obey. Famous anime merchandise Malaysia is of good nature and these stores or art of anime in Malaysia strictly obey the laws of the country.

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